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Independent Women

At some point in their lives, 90% of women will be responsible for protecting their family's assets.[1] Whether this is a lifestyle choice or as a result of divorce, illness or death of a loved one, women look to find a trusted advisor who can provide guidance and advice as they manage their finances and look to achieve their goals. In a male dominated industry, it can sometimes be a challenge to find an advisor who values your unique needs. As a women-owned firm, Stonebridge Wealth Advisors is that advisor who listens to your personal financial goals and core values in order to create a unique strategy for you.

Planning for Divorce and Financial Counseling

Going through a divorce is not only emotionally difficult, but can also be financially draining. We will act as a consultant to you before and during your divorce, assisting in the selection of a divorce attorney or mediator, analyzing your income, expense and assets, and making recommendations regarding the division of the marital assets. We will work with you, every step of the way, whether assisting to protect your assets in a divorce or helping to develop a plan in an effort to replenish the losses you may have incurred.

[1]Women and Affluence 2010, Women & Co.