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Executives and Business Owners

We work with executives to analyze their employer's benefits packages, including stock options and grants as well as supplemental executive benefits and bonus programs. As we work with you to help you pursue your personal objectives, we incorporate those benefits into the overall strategy for your investment portfolios and risk management needs. We help you identify your goals and work with your other professional advisors to recommend strategies to strive to meet them.

If you are a business owner, the time and energy you commit to your business is substantial. That's why, when seeking to ensure that your business survives and grows, it helps to have a financial partner who understands your needs and cares deeply about your success.

Stonebridge Wealth Advisors is that partner. Because we are also business owners, we understand the challenges that business owners face in both good times and bad. We can help sort out the complicated financial issues you often encounter, be a strategic resource you can rely on, work with you to identify your business goals, and recommend strategies to help address them.